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Social Media Platforms

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SEO Ranks On Top specialize in managing: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social Media Optimization is the process through which a business actively engages current customers and attracts new customers using online social media platforms. Social Media allows businesses to stay connected with their current clients by providing them with up-to-date information on new deals, new services, or information about current topics within the industry. Running an effective Social Media campaign can help grow your business and increase your sales.

Understanding how to use each social media site properly is key to an effective campaign. The content that you choose to promote on Twitter might differ from the content that you want to use on Facebook or Linkedin. So how do you know what to post or how often to post? How many Facebook and Twitter posts are too much? What are the best Social Media sites for my Business?

At SEO Ranks On Top Web Marketing, we will help you come up with a game plan and execute an effective Social Media campaign.

  • We start by identifying which Social Media avenues are best for your line of work. Where Foursquare is great for restaurants, it is probably not the best option for the mobile repairman.
  • Once your chosen Social Media platforms have been identified, we then fully customize your social media page to help promote the overall feel of your business.
  • Game plan your posts: We will work with you to develop content that will help grow your business and actively engage your clients.
  • Strategically Timing your Posts: Posting every day is great for a specific business. Is it good for you? We help identify how often to post to social media so as not to overwhelm your followers.
  • Day to Day Maintenance: We will handle everything from uploading pictures and videos to scheduling your posts.

To learn more about how Social Media can help increase your sales and grow your business contact us at or call (210) 852-5872