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Looking To Gain Conversions From Social Media? How About Drive Traffic & Boost Awareness? Maximize Your Social Media Presence: Grow Your Business with our Experts. If you have a business, you likely don’t have the time to create content, engage with your followers, or find the latest tips. That is where SEO Ranks On Top Comes In. We specialize in managing: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. SEO Ranks On Top takes the time to create a social media plan upfront. Creating this plan ensures all your social efforts support specific business goals. We set social media goals and objectives that follow the SMART framework (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely). We base your goals on metrics that will have a tangible impact on your Business. For example, you could acquire customers or raise your conversion rate rather than simply racking up likes. We research the competition to see how your competitors are using social media. Competitive analysis can help you learn what’s working and what’s not for other businesses like yours. If you’re already using social media, now’s the time to take a step back and evaluate your existing efforts. We will conduct a social media audit. We always create a social media calendar to review and approve before posting. We start with an 80-20 rule. We use 80% of your content to inform, educate, or entertain your audience. And we use the other 20% to promote your brand or sell your products.


Depending on which package you choose, we can help identify which Social Media avenues are best for your line of work. Foursquare is great for restaurants, it is probably not the best option for the mobile repairman.


Once your chosen Social Media platforms have been identified, we then fully optimize your social media page to help promote the overall feel of your business.


The game plan: We develop content that will help grow your business and actively engage your clients.


Depending on which package you choose, we post Monday-Friday, with options for Saturday and Sunday. 


For the Gold & Platinum Package, we will engage with your followers and increase organic followers. 

Social Media Optimization is how a business actively engages current customers and attracts new customers using online social media sites. Social Media allows businesses to stay connected with their existing clients by providing them with up-to-date information on the latest deals, new services, or information about current topics within the industry. Running an effective Social Media campaign can help grow your business and increase your sales.

Understanding how to use each social media site properly is key to an effective campaign. The content that you choose to promote on Twitter might differ from the content that you want to use on Facebook or Linkedin. So how do you know what to post or how often to post? How many Facebook and Twitter posts are too much? What are the best Social Media sites for my Business?

At SEO Ranks On Top Digital Marketing Agency, we will help you develop a game plan and execute an effective Social Media Campaign.

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Success Stories

SEO Ranks On Top has done wonders for my business. My company is always in the top three google hits, my social media is always up to date with recent posts of interesting articles and ideas or even just ‘fun to read’ information. My web site is not only beautiful, but very easy to use. SEO Ranks On Top has gone above and beyond to help me build this business and make it a success. Even going as far as to help me find employees. I would absolutely recommend SEO Ranks On Top to anyone trying to build their business or increase there customer base.

Andrea S.

Owner, Clean Freak San Antonio

I am extremely happy with my services from SEO Ranks On Top. They built my website and maintained it and handled all SEO including Adwords. They are always available upon my request and go above and beyond. I recommend this company to all. They keep their clientele low so they can provide quality service.
Robert B.

President, Immediate Response Plumbing, Inc.

I had a very positive experience with the company SEO Ranks on Top. Jackie was very helpful and had a lot of knowledge in how to create a professional website for my business!

Thomas V.

Owner, Alon Roofing

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