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SEO Vs Social Media

It is essential to have a balance of both SEO and social media to reap the full benefits of these mediums and gain the most exposure for any company.

Brands must do both social media and SEO because one directly impacts the other.


  • Social shares on a webpage slightly impact how that content item appears in search. For example, if a social media influencer with a large audience shares a piece of content, it’s likely to get a boost in search momentarily.
  • Social media and SEO can assist a company in different stages of the marketing funnel or customer journey to move them closer to a conversion.
  • Content created for SEO purposes like a blog post or a video can be repurposed to use on social media, increasing a company’s exposure, while reusing existing assets.
  • Use social media to test different content topics and types to see what your customer base is interested in. After you’ve published this content, invest further in the successful topics and types of content for inclusion on your website to drive results in search.
  • A dual focus allows an organization to reach their customers both in real time on social media and in the long term through search.
  • Wide spread promotions and discussion of a company’s content on social media can lead to getting more backlinks and referral traffic, which impacts search rankings.


  • Many organizations claim to embrace social media and SEO, but when splitting efforts across both mediums, many fail to dedicate enough time, talent, and resources to drive the results they’re after.
  • Investing in both SEO and social media can be a time-intensive venture, especially when first starting, as results are typically minimal in the first three months to a year. This often leads to an organization investing in paid advertising initially to see immediate results.
  • The full impact each medium has on the other will likely remain a mystery as both the search engines and the social networks don’t share many details about the specific variables that drive exposure on their platforms.

Let us know your thoughts on which campaign you prefer to use? Both or just one?